Himself in palmistry: lines on hand will tell a lot about your personality

Techno 27 March, 2018

2017-03-30 18:44

Himself in palmistry: lines on hand will tell a lot about your personality
It is no secret that the lines on our hands is a map of life.

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All these strips and touches mean something, and to unravel the meaning of this amazing card of life, you have to subtly figure it out. But there are some General principles which will not be difficult for the average man, untrained in palmistry. To read this map, look at your hands. They both, left and right, nothing like each other. The line on each is unique. Now look at that hand that is dominating you. The right-hander is right, lefties the left. Focus on it. You will find 4 major lines on the palm of the left hand: the line of heart, mind, fate and life.

First, pay attention to the heart line. It should be read from the outer edge of the palm (the beginning of the path and your life) to the inside.

  • If the heart line rises from the outer edge and ends under the index finger – are you happy with your personal life.
  • If this line ends under the middle finger – in love, you are selfish, and in relationships is for you.
  • If the heart line ends even earlier, between the middle and ring finger – you’re in love.
  • If the line is straight and short – you are romantic, you don’t need this attribute in the relationship.
  • If the heart line is right under your fingers – you are the jealous type and very passionate partner.
  • If the line is long, you tend to hide true feelings.
  • If the heart line crosses the line of life – you easily break your heart.
  • If the heart line is brief (course up) to the index finger – you kind person, who values tactile contact in personal relationships.
  • If the heart line parallel to the line of mind – you know how to keep the heart cool and control the emotions of the mind.
  • If the heart line is wavy – you have had many relationships, but they were not serious.
  • If this line is disconnected, you felt a lot of heartache or grief associated with personal relationships.
  • If the heart line has many fine lines, which cross it, then you store fidelity to the regular partner, constantly looking around.

Now look at the line of mind, it is right below the heart line (read it from the inside of the palm to the outside).

  • If the line is crazy short, you focus on physical work and achievements, not mental work.
  • A long line across the palm of your hand, you rely on logic, like to think about and analyze events.
  • If the line is wavy or zigzag – you can easily lose focus and become distracted by extraneous things and external stimuli.
  • If the line ends down, are you trusting and creative.
  • If the line is of the mind not crossing the line of life you are looking for adventure and new experiences, don’t sit still ever.
  • If the line of mind there are swirls or rips – have you experienced or are experiencing emotional crisis.
  • If the line is clear the intersection of small strokes, and especially the cross is a place of momentous decisions for your life path.

Now look at the lifeline. It read properly from above, that is, the space between the thumb and forefinger to the wrist.

  • If the life line is deep and long, that is clearly visible all over, you try to feel the taste of life, not missing any opportunities.
  • If the line is short and slightly see – you’re not an ambitious man.
  • If the life line is a beautiful curve – you are a strong person. You will, which is difficult to break.
  • If the line is almost straight or straight, you’re careful in communicating with new people.
  • If the life line is interrupted – you have had a sudden change in lifestyle. And if the lines are visible swirls or circles – had serious injuries, wounds, hospitalization.
  • If you have more than one such line, or your life line splits constantly – you are a very lively person, full of energy, strength.

And finally, look at the line of destiny. It reads from bottom (from the wrist) up.

  • If your fate line is clear and straight up – you are ambitious and your work is most important for you. You will achieve the greatest success in career matters.
  • If the line is weakly visible – you are not happy with their work and choice of profession.
  • If your line of destiny has many ramifications, and touches you often, started new businesses, changed jobs.
  • If your line of destiny like branches off at the base of the line of life – you are a person who himself was raised, which affects the minds and actions of others and is able to inspire the youth.
  • If life line and fate intersect somewhere in the middle, then you’ll have somewhere in life to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of others.
  • If your fate line starts at the base of the thumb, and then crosses the line of life – you have a strong family support, probably even a family business, a common cause.

That’s what they say the lines on your hands. I’ll be honest, I sometimes even scary how truthfully and accurately “written” on my arm. So don’t treat this test as entertainment, perhaps he really will give the key to some things that are important to you, reports Rus.Media.