Hired the wrong lawyer? 4 tell-tale signs you shouldn’t ignore

News 8 April, 2020

When you’re seeking justice, the first thing you do is reach out to a lawyer, and if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then a personal injury lawyer is definitely something you should consider.

The statute of limitations means that if you’ve been involved in an accident, you only have a certain amount of time to file your claim and start proceedings. Check out Pintas & Mullins if you’re looking for a lawyer. This means that you may be tempted to hire the first lawyer that you come across in the hope of getting things moving as quickly as possible.

However, this can raise all kinds of problems further down the line. When you fail to vet a potential lawyer, you could be putting your entire case and claim at risk. So, have you hired the wrong lawyer?  Read on for 4 tell-tale signs you shouldn’t ignore. 

They don’t communicate 

Whether they’re in a court of law, or they’re speaking with fellow lawyers or clients, attorneys often pride themselves on their ability to communicate. So, if your lawyer fails to make contact with you, is seemingly avoiding you, doesn’t return your calls or your messages, despite your persistence and the fact you’re concerned about your case, then it’s time to move on. Living through a legal case is incredibly stressful, and your lawyer should be putting your mind at ease with regular updates. They should also want to speak with you about details about the case! 

They don’t show enthusiasm

Whether your lawyer is a recent graduate, or they’ve been working in this field for decades, all lawyers should show enthusiasm and take pride in every case they take on. Their role is to convince a jury that you’re in the right, so if they don’t show any care or compassion about the case, how can they achieve that?

They’re promising you’ll win

A lawyer that makes claims that they’re going to win your case and that you cannot lose should raise several red flags. Not only is that incredibly unethical, but it’s also illegal for a lawyer to make such claims.

Unclear payments and billing

A lawyer should always make their billing process clear. A bad lawyer will not be straightforward with costs. Of course, lawyers aren’t cheap, however, if you’re being billed for unnecessary expenses, paying surcharges or the entire process is vague and confusing then you should look elsewhere.