His friends want to help her realize her dream

News 18 December, 2017
  • Photo Claudia Berthiaume
    David Rigby spends the majority of his time in the bed of a residence in LaSalle.

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Monday, 18 December, 2017 01:00

    Monday, 18 December, 2017 01:00

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    The friends of a well known stuntman montreal, bedridden due to a STROKE that occurred three years ago, are trying to raise $ 30,000 to buy a suitable car and help him to realise his dream of driving again one day.

    “I could have a little more independence. It is excellent “, launched with enthusiasm the stunt performer David Rigby about the initiative of his friends.

    In the past year, The Journal told the fascinating story of the man in his seventies, who has spent his life doing crazy stunts in any car, anywhere in the world.

    “It’s like an Evel Knievel of the automobile. This is one of the Québecois who made the biggest stunts in the car, and the most dangerous “, shows the stuntman Francois Gauthier, who has worked with Mr. Rigby on the film death Race in 2008.

    Photo courtesy

    Seen during a scene from the movie death Race, in 2008.

    As a stunt coordinator, stunts, Rigby has worked on over 200 productions, often alongside players of international fame such as Anthony Hopkins, Vin Diesel and Jennifer Lawrence, among others.

    He has participated in a series of quebec, including Unit 9.

    David Rigby was the lining of the actor Marcel Sabourin, who played the father of Marie Lamontagne, in the scene where he was tumbling down the stairs.

    “It was done in one take. The director was freaking out to see that he could do it at his age, ” recalls stunt performer Gilbert Larose Jr, who also coordinated the stunts for the series 19-2 and Lies.

    Photo courtesy

    He has done several stunts, including a helicopter.

    Iron will

    Confined to a bed for three years because of a cerebral vascular accident (STROKE) who has dug in his sleep, David Rigby always cherishes the dream of driving a new car. Maybe even redo a waterfall in the vehicle.

    “I still want to make it. Slowly, but surely, I will get there, ” said the 72 year old man Friday in his small room of a residence for persons with reduced mobility to LaSalle.

    Animated by a will of iron, man-made physiotherapy exercises every day to regain mobility in the left side of his body is currently paralyzed.

    Photo courtesy

    Marcello Bezina, Stuntman


    In order to help him achieve his dream, his long-time friend Marcello Bezina has launched a campaign sociofinancement on the site GoFundMe.

    With the money raised, Mr. Bezina want to buy a car adapted to the needs of David Rigby. “The first step is to get him out of the residence in a vehicle where you can install his wheelchair. The second step will be to modify the car for it to drive it, ” says Mr Bezina, himself a stuntman for twenty years.

    Already more than $ 15,000 on a goal of $ 30,000 – was raised in less than two weeks. “It is incredible that so much people want to help me,” exclaimed David Rigby.

    This comes as no surprise to his good friend stuntman John Walsh. “He has helped so many people in his career. They have not forgotten, ” he argues.