Historical heritage: Philippe Couillard cites René Lévesque

News 13 February, 2018
  • Photo Jean-François Racine
    The prime minister Philippe Couillard took part in the first step of a fund-raiser for the Foundation heritage Nostre Dame de Kebec.

    Jean-François Racine

    Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 20:04

    Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 20:07

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    The prime minister Philippe Couillard was inspired by René Lévesque during a short speech at the occasion of the launch of a fundraising campaign for a heritage organization, on Tuesday night, in Quebec city.

    The liberal leader took part in the first step of a fund-raiser for the Foundation heritage Nostre Dame de Kebec. The ceo of the Québec port Authority Mario Girard, will chair this major fundraising campaign. Both gems are covered by the activity : the Basilica-cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Québec and église Notre-Dame-des-Victoires. The sites are in need of significant restoration work to prevent their deterioration.

    In reflecting on history and religion, Mr. Couillard indicated that he had found a quote from the former prime minister Lévesque died in 1987.

    In 1980, Mr. Levesque had written a letter to Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the canonization of Bishop François de Laval and of the Iroquois Kateri Tekakwitha.

    “When a people calls into question their traditional ways of life with as much force as Quebec has done for the past 20 years, there is a risk of cutting the values which have contributed to its survival and the discovery of his own identity, without knowing how to replace them with new values; it may cause among his own imbalance, disorientation and even confusion; in keeping with the riches of its past, the Quebec cannot that better ensure its future. “

    The prime minister Couillard has ensured that these words from another time were still current in 2018.

    Bothered by a virus, cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix was absent at launch, just like the mayor of Quebec city Régis Labeaume, also sick.