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News 7 August, 2017
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    There are several elements to take into account to explain the large number of accidents during this period of the year, including the human factor, according to the SQ.

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    Sunday, August 6, 2017 13:33

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    At least 17 people died on Quebec roads during the two weeks of the construction holiday, what could be the worst road safety record of the last five years for this period.

    Each day or almost a person has died or has been seriously injured on the roads of Quebec in 2017, from 21 July to 6 August, according to a survey conducted Sunday by The Journal.

    For the moment, the SQ does not confirm this figure, and the police indicates that it will issue its own record Monday.

    Worst record since 2011

    But if the count of the Log is found, it could be the worst road safety record since 2011 when 23 people were killed on the roads during this period known to be particularly lethal.

    This year, a total of 23 accidents were 13 serious injuries.

    Last year, 10 people were killed on the territory of the SQ as they travelled on the roads of Quebec, according to figures from the police. This statement excludes, however, the accidents occurred in cities that are not monitored by the SQ.

    Of the 17 people who died in 2017 during the construction holiday, six were motorcyclists. So this is two more than last year.

    Speed and distraction

    Two weeks ago, the spokesman of the SQ Ann Mathieu had indicated that several factors were taken into account to explain the increase in the number of deaths on Québec roads during this period.

    “The origin of the majority of the collisions remains the human factor and, therefore, the situations were preventable “, she said.

    According to the last balance-sheet for road Transport Quebec, the speed is involved in 36 % of the accidents while the distractions explain 33 % of the claims. Accidents with alcohol as a cause constitute 28 % of the cases, and finally, fatigue is found in 22 % of accidents.

    Finally, to be noted among these statistics, 20 % of accidents are directly caused by the impatience of one of the drivers involved, including following another vehicle too closely.

    Last year, the SQ had given 15 000 tickets and made 350 arrests for cases of conduct impaired by drugs or alcohol.

    — With the QMI Agency

    Death during those two weeks

    ►2017 17*

    *In accordance with the statement of the Journal

    ►2016 10

    ►2015 15

    ►2014 13

    ►2013 10

    ►2012 9

    ►2011 23

    ►2010 14

    ►2009 23

    Source : sûreté du québec