Holiday turning a nightmare

News 8 September, 2017
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    Ariane Dessureault has left its fees Cuba with his child of nine months, while his spouse Gino Pascone is still stuck there.

    Dominique Lelièvre

    Thursday, September 7, 2017 23:45

    Thursday, September 7, 2017 23:45

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    Women and children first : this is the plan which is resigned, in a disaster, a couple of Quebecers on vacation in Cuba who wanted at any cost to repatriate their nine-month-old in a safe place.

    A holiday to Cayo Coco from Saturday, Ariane Dessureault and Gino Pascone wanted at any cost to avoid facing the storm with their boy.

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    Their hotel in Cayo Coco was preparing for the worst.

    The solution of their airline, Sunwing, was away from the enchant. According to Ms. Dessureault, a representative has proposed a transportation by bus to Varadero, a trip of several hours, but he could not guarantee a flight back home quickly.

    “I panicked. I have my baby boy is nine months with me, I have almost no food because he doesn’t want to eat there, and I was wondering what was going to happen next “, testified the young woman on Friday evening, a few minutes after having landed in Montreal.

    Friday, the couple has finally taken the decision to be separated to allow the wife and the child to return to Quebec city at their own expense on the wings of another airline. “We were with a couple of friends. The two men are being sacrificed for the child and they let us leave, ” sighs Ms. Dessureault, which thus assumes an invoice, unexpected $1,600.

    It points the finger at the representatives of Sunwing for their event management. “Sunwing has never are aware of nothing,” plague-t-it.

    “Come look for us ! “

    In addition, a couple of young married quebec honeymoon on the road to Irma begs Ottawa to come to their aid.

    “Come look for us ! “, begs Julie Seguin Pilon since the islands Turks-and-Caicos islands, where the hurricane was expected in the night. The couple has stirred heaven and earth to leave the Caribbean before the passage of the monster, to no avail.

    “We called all the companies, even those in private jets. We were ready to pay any price for any destination as long as we came out of here, ” breath Ms. Séguin Pestle, attached to the Club Med Turquoise.

    The local airport has closed 24 hours before the arrival of Irma. “I do not understand what we may have left from Monday,” said Ms. Seguin Pilon. We were not aware of the information, it was in the preparations for our wedding. “

    On the side of the embassy, the canadian authorities have been invited to register on the list of Canadians abroad, which allows Ottawa to keep in touch with them.

    — With the collaboration of Anne-Caroline Desplanques


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