Honor 8 Premium: 20% discount on the gold and pink versions

Techno 24 February, 2017

The Honor 8 Premium is on sale on the Darty website. You can buy the gold version or the pink version for 359 euros.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle confided to you that the Honor 8 Bleu Saphir was available at 350 euros on the site CSMobiles . Since it is marketed at a price of 399 euros on vMall (the manufacturer’s partner), it was really a good plan. But if it’s the premium version that makes you dream, then we have an alternative to suggest to you … On the site of Darty , Honor 8 gold and rose are each promoted. You can shopper them at 359 euros instead of 449 euros, a 20% discount . Before you say more, we let you discover the 2 colors in pictures. We’re warning you, you’re going to have a hard time deciding.
The Honor 8 Premium takes on all the features of the classic Honor 8, with one difference. It has a storage capacity of 64 GB instead of the usual 32 GB. Practice if you are used to shining your memory with photos and / or videos. For only 359 Euros, you can benefit from this advantage by opting for the gold version officialized during Geek’s Live , or for the pink version unveiled a little later. Whatever your choice, you will enjoy the functionality of Honor 8 Premium, undoubtedly one of the best smartphones on the market. At meltyStyle, we validate this good plan! By what color are you tempted?