Honorary president of the Farha Foundation: Evelyn Farha off

News 20 January, 2018
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    Saturday, 20 January 2018 14:16

    Saturday, 20 January 2018 14:20

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    Known for her dedicated work and hard with people living with HIV/AIDS, Evelyn Farha passed away Thursday at the age of 92 years.

    Honorary president of the Farha Foundation for 25 years, Evelyn Farha has continued the mission of his son Ron Farha who died of HIV/AIDS in 1993.

    Ron Farha had established the foundation in 1992 to obtain support and care to people living with hiv.

    Ms. Farha was devoted body and soul to the prevention of the disease, to limit their ravages and to spare other families the loss of a loved one.

    In 2002, she received the golden jubilee medal of the governor general. In 2013, it was the turn of the national Assembly to honour him with a medal for his efforts inspirational.

    Evelyn Farah has also received the award Cedar and maple and the personality of the year 2002 awarded by the Chamber of commerce and industry Canada-Lebanon. In addition, the office of the governor-general awarded him the canadian price for the mutual assistance in 2000.

    Ms. Farah was very active in the montreal community. She has conducted numerous fundraising activities for his local church and has taught religious studies. She was also a volunteer at the oncology department of the Royal Victoria Hospital.