Horoscope of hate: what’s infuriating signs of the Zodiac?

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 21:23

Horoscope of hate: what’s infuriating signs of the Zodiac?
We all have something annoying: the weather, the transport, the behavior of others. But usually we hold back, we’re adults, intelligent people. Almost always. Except when we meet with the phenomenon that is fierce, furious hatred. Want to know what can lead you into a rage?

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Capricorns are fiercely, furiously hate gouging. Capricorns can sometimes be a deep emotional trauma every time they hear the immortal: “And, shotts somehow!” Fortunately, Capricorns are usually very busy, and therefore don’t pay attention to others. The problem is that if dolt get into the sphere of personal interests ladies-Capricorn, she will hate him until the end of his days. To hate and not to quit. Because Capricorns hate when in the world something is wrong. This must be corrected immediately!


Aquarians hate life on schedule. However, the nature of Aquarius allows them to actively protest, so they are a quiet Subversion. If I tell Him that tomorrow I must leave the house at exactly 8 o’clock in the morning, Aquarius slips out of bed at 7:55, slowly go to the bathroom, and then begin to brew a coffee shamans: the foam should rise three times! In General, half of the tenth Aquarius will begin to put on shoes. Maybe. And the louder at this, hissing and swearing relatives, the Aquarius nicer. Me-e-e-eat!


Fish hate the addiction, but rather dependent. Special rage the Fish produce alcoholics. However, the lady-Fish no a teetotaller, by the way, but the kind of person who too had a long chat with a green serpent, leads Him into a state of deep despair. The point here is that Fish can arrange a fascinating trip worlds without any substances, only by your own imagination. So they really do not understand what the hell everyone else can do the same thing without poisoning the atmosphere. Fu to be such!


Aries hate disobedience. We have no idea why the Rams decided that they are all obliged to obey, but it is a fact. Rams are convinced that they alone know what to do, and all the rest without the valuable guidance will certainly spoil everything, you stupid humans! Aries are very suffer when someone does not listen. In General, if someone needs lime lady Aries, the recipe is very simple: give her kitty. And if someone intends to live with a female Aries, you need to give the dog. Then all the flour will take on the unfortunate animal, and the rest will need to just go order. But hands at his sides to keep is not necessarily.


Taureans hate sudden changes. No matter how these major changes: she-Taurus is able to go into a fierce rage if she accidentally sugar in tea put: she used to drink unsweetened! All day, consider yourself spoiled because something went wrong. It is important to understand that there is no problem that the girl-Taurus is unable to handle, even the terrible change not force her to depart from the chosen path. But this way Taurus goes, blowing from nostrils the flame. Hatred! Hatred! Hatred!


Mistress Gemini can hate anything, just because its many subpersonalities each other are totally dissimilar. But there are two things that I hate all Twins, without exception. These are the rules (any rules) and domestic assault. Mistress Gemini is convinced that without snotty will understand how she lives her life, so it is absolutely impossible to enforce a dress code, for example. And yet it is impossible to make time to wash the dishes. The dishes when she thinks about high, huh?


Cancers hate situations that require immediate decision and some action. If the young lady is a Cancer to dramatically pull out of her cozy shell and get you to do something here and now, she will fall into a stupor and will babble: “what if something happens?” Then, of course, she will meet the spirit and do everything, but rest assured, a year will hate to grind their teeth and remember this terrible episode. Could turn out terrible!


Lions hate coercion and violence, and with a noble fury and rush at anyone who dares to suppress the weak and defenseless. Clearly, the warlike Lioness does not do it because it is so pathetic these most weak and defenseless — how can you pity someone you don’t respect? — and because this is another reason to show off his “kratoey”. Well, because Lionesses don’t really understand why someone to make, they will come and they themselves will give everything! But in General, a Lioness reference welcome, of course. With his fists.


Virgo hate the mess. Any mess. That is why Virgo is very rarely in a good mood, they always hate something. While Virgo is reserved, so few people notice that the inside, they have a fire burning fierce rage. But in vain do not notice, by the way. Because the virgin sees any mess, and anyone who leads her into a rage, but there is a particular mess that the virgin seeks to destroy by any means. The same one that someone else’s head.


Libra hate scandals, never start them yourself and trying by all means to avoid a major argument, which is ready to start someone else. After all, the brawlers look terribly ugly, and I hate all the ugly Scales. Besides the scandals for a long time Vertu knock out of the rut

lady Libra then long scrolls in mind the situation from the beginning, so a five-minute argument in the imagination of the Weights can last a couple of months. During this period all domestic unicorns will die of hunger!


Scorpions hate the hypocrisy. Special rage they cause so-called “light men”, all these pious, mudrinic and blagorodnoj little people. Because any lady Scorpio’s convinced she’s a little witch, and sees all through. Which, incidentally, is far from the truth. Scorpio knows that “bright men” just pretend mlimi, and in actual fact they are just small dirty dog. And Scorpio is outraged, of course; or rather, outraged hidden in the reference, pure Evil.


Sagittarians can’t stand pessimism and whining. Everyone knows that lady-Sagittarius no one will refuse to help and always ready to intercede for the unjustly wronged. But only if they are going to act. But if they’re just going to whine and play the Shooter game “Yes, but …” – our sincere condolences. Escape from angry Arrow on their feet are rare.