Horse industry : Montreal does not implement the projects Coderre

News 20 December, 2017
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    Sarah Daoust-Braun

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 13:22

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 13:27

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    The administration of Valérie Plant will not implement the wishes of the former mayor Denis Coderre to showcase the horse industry in Montreal.

    The executive committee rejected Wednesday the recommendations “very expensive” Horse Horse, a feasibility study was commissioned in June 2015 by the directors of Denis Coderre, but never revealed to this day.

    “We’re not going to spend 20 million to justify the existence of 24 permit [of carriage], it does not seem to me a good decision about the management of taxpayers’ money,” said Craig Sauvé, councillor associated with services to citizens.

    The report recommends among others the creation of a stable central position on the site of the parking lot located in front of the Bonsecours market in Old Montreal which would cost $13 million.

    Added to this is the construction project of a Pony Club at Angrignon park valued at $ 5.5 million, and a museum of the horse at the cost “of at least a million dollars”.

    Projet Montréal wants to prohibit gradually the industry of the horse-drawn carriages in Montreal, but no accurate measurement has yet been announced. “We look at currently the strategies that could be put in place. It will definitely be something in 2018,” said Craig Sauvé.

    When he was in power, Denis Coderre had imposed in 2016 for a one-year moratorium prohibiting the horse-drawn carriages, but had to turn back. He also had presented last summer a regulation to strengthen the horse industry and had invested $ 500,000 to support the profession of coachmen.