Hot blogers hounded for Nude photos

News 18 December, 2017

Blogger from Australia Jesse O’brien is popular as “the naked blogger”. A woman teaches yoga completely naked, promoting loving your body the way it is.


On his page on Instagram, Jessie shared about how its made fun of, and told about the wave of negative reviews. The girl is professionally engaged in yoga for about seven years.
Naked she started to do after visited Portugal, where he learned yoga in the Nude. The main purpose is cultivating the love for your body and acquire harmony with yourself.
Jesse O’brien recruited a group of participants and sessions, mostly on a nudist beach.


She reports that the social network blocked her account for photos of naked people.
And only because of the tens of sent requests, she restored the page – 10 months after freezing.
After she became famous, she got a flood of criticism from users.

The yoga coach said that negative comments really hurt her.
She started to get a complex, after he called too skinny, this girl has lost the spirit, and began to doubt myself. “The naked blogger” disappointed because of the fact that current standards of beauty spoiled people.