Hotel-Dieu de Quebec: donations to equip nurses

News 21 March, 2018
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    The nurses wanted new devices to the vital signs fixed to stop running around to find who were working on the floor. On this image, a mobile machine that is aging.

    Nicolas Lachance

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 00:00

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 00:00

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    Of nurses of Quebec have organized a fundraising campaign, selling including boxes of tissues, to obtain 20 new devices at vital signs, by reason of disuse and the lack of machines on their floor.

    While the medical specialists who come to get a pay rise huge after the signing of their agreement with the government of Quebec, nurses snapped up the few devices at vital signs on certain floors of hospitals, according to information obtained by The Newspaper.

    Lack of material resources

    Thus, the nurses of Hotel-Dieu of Quebec have decided to take themselves in hand in order to correct the lack of material resources which undermines the morale of the troops.

    A total of 27 810 $ has been raised by the nursing team to provide fixed devices in vital signs in all rooms of the floor. The 20 cameras cost $ 51,000 and the rest of the bill was assumed by the Foundation of the CHU.

    Sale of linen, to an evening of dance and other activities-profits : the nurses have put a lot of time in addition to the job to find the funding.

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    The store “La Boutik” open by the nurses.

    They have even opened a small shop on the first floor, “La Boutik” where patients and their families can buy handkerchiefs – because the hospital did not provide in general surgery – water, snacks and other useful items.

    All the money raised at the store helps to improve their condition and to establish projects for patients and families.

    “Nothing extraordinary “

    According to the CHU of Quebec, there was enough equipment on the floor of the surgeries to meet the needs of patients. Golden, tanned look for mobile machines, sometimes obsolete, the nurses have expressed the desire to have devices vital signs in each room to facilitate the work.

    Usually, the specific fund of the Foundation of the CHU can be used to meet the needs of the employees. However, in this case, the money was not entirely to the appointment. “It was not enough stocked, so the team decided to launch several initiatives, including a small convenience store to replenish this fund “, said Lindsay James, communications officer at the CHU de Québec.

    Photo courtesy

    On this picture, a fixed machine new.

    Since then, the team of nurses to continue this campaign to enhance the vitality of the living room of families. “It is appreciated by the people there,” she said.

    But, is it normal that the nurses are left to fend for themselves in order to obtain cameras at vital signs ? “There is nothing extraordinary in there. It may be. It is for this reason that there is a background to the foundation “, has relied on Ms. James.


    Who has paid the note ?

    • 50 000 $: Purchase of 20 devices at vital signs.
    • 27 810 $ paid by the team of nurses, thanks to a campaign of voluntary funding.
    • 7190 $ from the Foundation of the CHU.
    • To $15 000 from the development Fund (a branch of the Foundation of the CHU).