Hotel trump called him a “nest of vipers” In the World : Vladim

News 14 January, 2018

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the entrance to the hotel Trump International Hotel appeared Shithole. It was made using a light projection. One embodiment of the translation of the word “shithole”. Also, it is quite comparable with the Russian “gadyushnik”.


First it is a word of the President of the United States Donald trump used against those countries, of which America migrants. Unknown decided to demonstrate exactly where these “stinking hole”. Video posted online by one of the users of social network Twitter. The word “shithole” was not the only “decoration” luxury hotels. Another caption read something like: President to distract Americans from policies that harm the United States.

The author of the video had criticized the American leader – his thoughts he also brought to the public through projections. His latest “art” appeared from the statements of the President during a meeting on migration issues. Donald trump called third world countries – Haiti, El Salvador and several other African States – “stinking hole”.