How many homeless live in the streets of Montreal?

News 29 March, 2018
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    MONTREAL | Three years after they have counted approximately 3000 homeless in Montreal, the authorities want to see how the situation has evolved.

    A similar exercise will therefore take place in a few weeks.

    “For me, a roving, it was an alcoholic, a drug addict (…). I watched them high, before, the homeless,” said Annie Archambault.

    This last has itself been homeless, even if it does not have the label. She has lived the past year without a fixed residence, but did everything to make sure it doesn’t look.

    “I had hidden all my stuff in corners, a little, in Montreal, for that person does not fall over. Then, when I wanted a new machine, I’d go get it, or my shampoo, but I just had a satchel. Like that, it does not seem to. Sometimes, in the morning, I had my feet in blood. I spent the night to walk, because if you stay in the same place all night, there, in a park or anything, then a guy walking and then it “spot” that you remain there, there is a risk”, she narrated.

    Annie no longer lives in the street since last march 1. Le Boulot vers, a social enterprise for young people in difficulty, helps a lot. She has her apartment and new projects, but she wants to give the following: he / she will participate in the second count of the homeless in Montreal.

    3000 roaming listed

    During the first count, which took place in 2015, 3000 homeless had been listed. The City of Montreal, the integrated Center for academic health and social services (CIUSSS) du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal and the research Centre of the Douglas Institute wants to have a new portrait of the situation.

    This year, 61 communities across Canada participate in this exercise. In Quebec, 11 the most densely populated regions are also targeted. The organizers are also looking for volunteers. Those interested go on the website

    “It is the evening of 24 April. Therefore, it is between 18 pm and midnight. Volunteers we are looking for will be particularly involved, about three, four hours,” said Sonya Cormier, director of communications for I count MTL 2018.

    This will help to obtain a more accurate picture of homelessness in Québec and to provide better services.

    – According to a report from Harold Won