How many years live the different signs of the Zodiac

Techno 17 March, 2018

2017-07-17 16:38

How many years live the different signs of the Zodiac
Interesting statistics and advice from American scientists

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American scientists have conducted a number of astrological studies confirmed the speculation of the ancients about the influence of heavenly bodies on the health and lifespan of people, setting a clear pattern between date of birth and length of his life, reports Rus.Media.

The reliability of the results became possible due to analysis of the dates of birth and death more than sixty thousand people from all over the world. Objects of research are the modern inhabitants of the planet, and the people that lived on Earth a few centuries ago.

To speak of a clear correlation between the sign of zodiac you were born man, and his life expectancy was made possible after analysis of the first five thousand dates. At the end of scientific work, scientists came to the conclusion that centenarians can be called the Taurus, but Scorpio star assign to a short life. Affects the sign of the zodiac and the health of his “ward”, which largely determines the period of earthly life.

How many years of life are “programmed” in each zodiac sign, and what diseases can significantly reduce?


Zodiacal constellation has not stinted on a long life for both women and men. Can women expect no less than 78 years of life, men – 79 years. Main beach health Rams remain stress, entail insomnia, headaches, heart disease.

Tip: Treat life philosophically! It will save your head from serious thoughts, the gray hair and extend your life.


A long-life promise the stars all Calves. Women have all the chances to celebrate its 80th anniversary, and men, and after overcoming this threshold, I will exit closer to 82. However, the tendency of Bulls to obesity, diseases of the genitourinary system and joints, can greatly reduce the released air.

Tip: Pay due attention to the vulnerable areas of your health, and it is possible that it will serve you faithfully for up to 100 years!


Average life expectancy for men is 78 years and women 85. Gemini is inclined to poke around in his life and reflect on its impermanence. They are often overcomes boredom and discouragement, turning into depression. This may cause problems with the respiratory system, weight, and diseases of the extremities.

Tip: Carefully follow the diet and avoid any exhausting diets. Your body is especially prone to depletion.


The period of women’s lives reaches 73 years, men 68. Before “meet God” those representatives of the sign, which ignore the rules of healthy lifestyle and do not visit doctors. All because of their distrust and looping on the illness rather than recovery. Cancers often suffer from vascular diseases, myopia and disturbances of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.

Tip: the Stars point to increased susceptibility to the brain, so don’t forget to require preventive measures.


Most of the women and men of this sign are able to live up to 74 years if they just sounding the alarm in the event of a serious illness. They feature to hold all the problems in yourself and not to complain, is often the cause of running disease. Poor health can cause weak cardiovascular system, back and eyes.

Tip: Let family and friends care about you and your health!


Women star measure life journey of 81 years for men – up to 77 years. Health Virgo is not deprived, although most of them have a vulnerable digestive system and suffer from disorders related to its work. But even despite this, Dev astrologers called the most healthy centenarians.

Tip: Often make your stomach fasting days, eat only healthy food and never overeat. In this scenario, stars are ready to give you a few more years of life.


Libra are not the most long-lived representatives of the zodiacal circle (women 77 years, men to 73 years). However, they have the opportunity to argue with the stubborn astronomical statistics and win several extra years of life, if you care about your weak immunity. High protective properties of the body will help Libra to avoid other potential risks – a skin disease of the lower back and kidneys.

Tip: take care of your health in a warm and dry place, as the stars recommend you to avoid the cold weather and high humidity.


Relatively short life live Scorpions – on average women 62 years, men-63 years. Astrologers attribute this to the fact that Scorpions are difficult to treat. They prefer to finish the journey of life, not living to a ripe old age, just to get rid of any medical intervention in their lives.

Tip: Life will be longer and without doctors, if you pay sufficient attention to the prevention of diseases of the throat and urogenital system.


Archers poor health affects their life expectancy. The musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems with a full bouquet of chronic diseases in the truest sense of the Arrows will shorten the life. Women rarely overcome the 73-year-old threshold, while men are 69 years old.

Tip: Women-Archers must pay particular attention to hair, nails and skin, Sagittarius Man is the prostate.


Capricorns are very resilient. Bravely they survive the many diseases that haunt them till the old age. Not only that, some of them in my lifetime have had to endure more than a dozen diseases, so they are still prone to high injury rate. The incessant attack on my health does not allow Capricorn women live longer than 80 years and men 77.

Tip: In adulthood, high risk joints, hearing, biliary tract and digestive system.


On average all Aquarians live to 72 years. The health of both men and women Aquarius is hard to explain the medical logic. In the heat of the Aquarians are able to easily catch pneumonia, and in the cold of winter they did not even sneeze from the long hours of walking bareheaded.

Tip: Beware of diseases associated with blood circulation, eyesight, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and stress.


Female Fish are able to live up to 75 years and men up to 71 years. The astrologers, they are recognized as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They can see old age, but only if overcome many diseases of the lung (shortness of breath), joints (arthritis), skin (ringworm, nail fungus).

Tip: Not all Fish loves water. Be careful with its use, and adoption of water procedures.