How the AirPods have revolutionized the way I listen to music!

Techno 3 April, 2017

It’s been 3 months now that Apple AirPods are available in the Apple Store. I have tested them throughout this period, despite my sensitive ears, and here are my impressions.
The Apple AirPods are putting everyone in agreement. Small, practical and ultra-light, Apple’s wireless headphones have revolutionized my way of listening to sound. In my ear they throw it! These headphones or hands-free kit make me bluntly believe that I play a leading role in an action movie . Their smallness is matched only by their comfort. It was not for nothing that they were validated by the actress Kristen Stewart and the footballer, Antoine Griezmann . Far from being as intrusive as in-ear headphones, AirPods slip easily into the ear. Better still, they do not fall. I shook my head, danced like never before and even ran behind a round ball,
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But what really amazed me about these AirPods is the Apple W1 chip that offers a magic twinning with your iPhone / iPad . It also offers sound quality and good autonomy. This chip also brings new features such as dual optical sensors and the accelerometer. With this technology, the earphones are activated – just as you slide them into your ears. Simply remove them to pause the music. And I could do the same thing, removing only one earphone. That’s really nice.
Another surprise on these AirPods, the total absence of controls on the headphones. After realizing that I could control them via the iPhone or by voice command, thanks to their built-in microphone, I enjoyed releasing “Siri, mounts the sound” or ” Dis Siri, next track ” or, “Say Siri, I want to listen to Lacrim” . Well, Apple’s voice assistant always asks for excellent diction and has trouble identifying some English artist names, but the result is really not bad. Siri can also be called by tapping twice on a headset, it is convenient to fix an appointment in our calendar . And to slip into the skin of James Bond,
Simple to use and comfortable to the ears, the AirPods give a glimpse of what Apple can do after removing the jack from its iPhone. If they appear as the best allies of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch, Apple’s wireless headphones can also delight all people with sensitive ears. Personally, I often suffer from ear infections. Fortunately, it calmed down. But above all, the AirPods are easily forgotten in the ears . Today, it is impossible for me to return to wired technology. And even if the AirPods appear out of price (179 euros, official price on the Apple Store) , they are worth the price.