How to activate the health zone in the house

Techno 15 February, 2018

2018-02-15 11:51

How to activate the health zone in the house
The energy in the house greatly affects the destiny of those people who live there.

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If you have long dream to slip the diseases, it’s time to pay attention to the health zone in your home, reports Rus.Media.

The energy in the house greatly affects the destiny of those people who live there. It often happens that the energy is blocked in some areas leads to failure, quarrels, and even to disease. That is why it is necessary to bring every area of their homes to the right and activate each zone corresponding energy.

Activation health zones will not only improve health, but also to balance other areas of life as well as improve the mood of everyone who lives in the house. The center of the home is the Foundation of your space is the Foundation, which depends on the energy of other zones in the house. As human health is its main resource, the energy in the center of the house determines the quality of energy in every other area.

Connect the opposite corners of your house and you get the point, which is the center of your home. It concentrates most of the energy called Qi. It is this energy affects your health, mood and overall quality of life.

First of all, in the center of the house there should be no furniture, the maximum that can be there is a small glass table. And it is better to remove to another part of the housing.

Secondly, there must always be very clean, fresh and light.

Thirdly, not in the center of the house to talk about the negative, to swear, to smoke, to drink alcoholic beverages. This may have a bad impact on the energy of your home.

How to activate the energy of health in the house:

In the area of health you can hang a chandelier. But it should not be massive so as not to loom over the main energy in the house and not to block it.

There you can hang tubular red bells, which are attracted to the center of the house energy from all over and Wake energy flows.

Also activate the areas of health would promote the bamboo, the peach tree, the image of a crane.

Can be placed in this area of porcelain figurines, jade stones, sea stones.

You can put in that zone or near it a vase with fresh fruit, they must be 5 or 9 pieces.

Fight off diseases will help the clay turtle.

Also in this area you can place fresh sunflowers, symbolizing the solar energy and health.

Use colors like brown, beige and yellow in the design of this zone.

What should not be in the health zone:

In the area of health it is not necessary to hold the Antiques, old things, things from second-hand stores, stuff from dead people, things that represent a bad situation, the negative, the image of disasters.

Also in the area of health should be free of debris, dust. It is impossible to keep this part of the house in the dark.

If your health has on the wall, the toilet or even is located outside of your home, include instead the center of the largest room in which you spend a lot of time.

It is not necessary to pile up a health zone in all possible symbols and statues. Sometimes in the middle of the house that is just uncalled for. Let it be one or two characters that can be placed not only in the center but just near this part of the house.