How to clean plaque tea dish, very unusual way

Techno 8 March, 2018

2018-03-08 21:18

How to clean plaque tea dish, very unusual way
After tea, especially after black on the inner walls of the Cup always remain in the residue. Over time, the plaque grows and wash it out becomes very difficult. How and what you can quickly and easily wash away plaque tea?

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Detergents and any modern chemistry is, of course, will help. Plaque tea washed away, but the detergent stays in the Cup… This is a fact confirmed. Only after a tenfold rinsing in hot water detergent rinse. In one or two remnants of rinsing the cleaning solution off and eventually join us in the stomach.

Accordingly, plaque tea we recommend you wash simple and absolutely no bad method.

So, take dark tea Cup and pour yogurt. Let the Cup of yogurt stand up an hour or two, then yogurt you can drink. The Cup will be cleaned from plaque, it remains only to rinse from the buttermilk. The fact that lactic acid enters perfect spot! Try! The correct way and not tricky.

A good and not troublesome to you days