How to do an injection in the ass – a detailed manual for the inexperienced!

Techno 16 December, 2017

2017-12-16 20:11

How to do an injection in the ass – a detailed manual for the inexperienced!
Often there are situations when there is no possibility or even the desire to go to the doctor for the necessary injections,

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Often there are situations when there is no possibility or even the desire to go to the doctor for the necessary injections, reports Rus.Media. But in fact, they do not necessarily do medical professionals. After all, there are people who require multiple injections in the gluteal muscle, and being able to do them, no problem carrying out this procedure at home with relatives or friends. It’s time for you to learn this art!

The steps in the procedure

It is not recommended to do the injection myself. Of course, if you have good skills then you will be able to conduct such an injection alone, but for this reason there are certain reservations. Therefore, we recommend to give detailed instructions to the person who is near and to follow up on each agenda item. Thus, you will be able to make the shot safe and useful.

STAGE 1. Hand washing

To guarantee sterility, you must wash your hands. This is an important phase, which is rarely neglected. Just need to wash my hands three times:

Prior to the preparation of tools.

Before the actual injection.

In the end, when we made a shot, and the garbage collected.

Hands should be washed thoroughly using soap. Sterility is quite an important factor, so you need to lather each finger, between them and on the wrist.

STAGE 2. Training tools and instruments

To ensure the safety and convenience of the procedure, you need the following materials:

Soap. Any, but preferably antibacterial.

Towel, but definitely clean. In fact, it is advisable to use disposable towels or a cloth.

Tray for tools. Not to heavy disinfection of table, all the tools should be placed on the plate. This will ensure sterility and ease of operation. The plate should be washed with soap and water and treated with antiseptic, better than alcohol.

Gloves. People often avoid the rule, but it also necessarily like all the others. Medical disposable gloves provide sterilization.

Syringe. If you need an injection of pure means, the syringe size must match the number of medication. If necessary, injection solution, syringe it is better to take more.

Additional needle. With the introduction of the solution must use an extra needle. For example, for dilution of powder solution are the following:

Fill the syringe with liquid solvent.

Put the needle pierce her rubber lid with a dry cure.

Release the solvent into the container.

Stuck needle agitate the vial.

Change the needle and dial solution.

Antiseptic. Maximum protection will provide alcohol antiseptic. In this case it is better to use a disposable antiseptic wipes.

Capacity for garbage. After the procedure, will remain waste such things as syringes, vials, wipes, etc, it is Recommended to discard the used waste funds in a separate trash container.

STAGE 3. The preparation for injection

It is very important to choose the right place to perform the procedure. The man who makes a shot must have free access to the Toolbox, and the patient should not disturb him to get them. You must also provide free access to the garbage container, to be able to quickly get rid of the materials used.

An important step is the lighting. The person performing the injection should be able to see the injection site and syringe. The patient does not play a big role. He can stand and lie down as you like. The main thing that it was convenient to the one who makes the shot. Hands must not tremble, the needle should not move in the process.

If you have fear to fall in the wrong place, it is necessary to divide one buttock into 4 equal parts, conditionally drawing a cross. The injection is made in the outer upper part of it.

If the fear is still there, you can draw the cross on the buttock really. For this you can use a cosmetic pencil or other tool that draws freely on the skin. But it is important that tools for drawing were not on the site of the injection, as the chemical composition of the paints can much harm.

STAGE 4. Procedure

Carry out the procedure, strictly following step-by-step instructions:

Wash hands and tray for tools, treated with antiseptic.

Discard used disposable materials.

To prepare and place on the plate 3 cotton balls or pads soaked in alcohol.

Put on a plate drugs and a syringe.

To wash my hands.

Wear rubber gloves and spend their antiseptic treatment.

Processing antiseptic vial of medicine, open it, slowly put on the plate.

Get a syringe with a protective cloth.

To open and put on the needle on the syringe.

Fill the syringe with medication.

Holding the syringe needle upwards, to release the air until a stream of medication.

Wipe a large part of buttocks alcohol-saturated cloth. Throw it away.

Second towelette to thoroughly clean the future site of the injection. Wipe in the same direction in both steps.

To take the syringe as comfortable as possible and to place it perpendicular to the buttocks.

One puncture to insert the needle to a depth at which 5-10 mm in length will be visible from the outside.

Slowly, not moving and not shaking the syringe needle, pushing the plunger to supply drugs.

Without taking the needle out of the skin, tightly applied to the injection site with cotton wool with alcohol. Smooth motion remove the needle — pressed wool will provide high-speed closure of the wound from unsterilized influence. Rubbing is not necessary, you just need to press and lock in this position.

Placed in a trash receptacle waste materials.

To wash my hands.

The patient after some time can collect the wool from the buttocks.

Useful tips

Many people think that the faster to enter the medication, the less pain experienced by the patient. But it’s not. The slow introduction of the drug less painful. The recommended rate of administration is 1 ml for 10 sec.

You should not save time on sterilization. Never hurts to have the extra time to sterilize, but to neglect the rules is dangerous to health.

Remove the needle cap is necessary when it is already fixed on the syringe. So can avoid inadvertent puncture or contamination of the needle. For security purposes, it is also not recommended to close the cap old needle. So it is not sticking out of a trash bag, all waste from the procedure needs to be put in a drawer or box.

In some cases, it is impossible to make a shot without a medic

There are situations when one cannot do without a specialist:

The drug is not prescribed by a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can give permission for the injection, calculate the dose, the drug and the need of a solution.

The drug is taken for the first time. It is important to know all side effects and contraindications to the use of medications. The injection allows the medication faster to spread with the blood, so side effects may occur abruptly and to a large extent. Even if the first shot you get at the hospital, wait about 10 minutes to make sure its security.

Desire the procedure without a medic is not justified by the impossibility of obtaining professional assistance. Home procedure conducted by a layman, still more dangerous than that which can be done by a qualified physician. I advise you not to save money and time.

The person who needs injections, is suffering from serious infectious diseases.

The man who makes a shot, can’t overcome the trembling in his hand.

We recommend that you always seek help from professionals. But if not, follow the instructions precisely in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.