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Techno 1 April, 2018

2018-04-01 10:37

How to increase emotional intimacy between the partners
We have prepared for you a few poses that will lift your physical and emotional intimacy to the max.

Sudden sex is something that is necessary as the air each couple to improve and without that not weak passions. What can be better than fully and completely merge with your partner in unison while receiving maximum pleasure. To achieve this, we have prepared for you a few poses that will lift your physical and emotional intimacy on a high, reports Rus.Media.


Sex in the style of animals will provide you and your partner deep penetration, but emotional intimacy will low. Whether it’s sex in the spoon! Lie on your side, and gently embrace your partner from behind, caressing her Breasts, gently kissing the neck and ears. If the partner will squeeze your legs tight, you will feel the unprecedented enjoyment. This sex allows you both to be in seventh heaven.

From night to morning

Couples sometimes need a little time to be children and to play games. But games should not be childish, you know that, right? Invite your partner to play sex from night till morning, while allowing each other to sleep. It is best for such games Friday or Saturday, so you don’t have to get up in the morning to work. Deliver to each other pleasure all night, and if the partner is still asleep – Wake him, gently caressing his body with hands and lips. Closer to morning, your emotional connection will be at the maximum, and sexual energy welling up.

Not turning a blind eye

Mastering tantric techniques you will never lose the emotional connection with a partner. Undress completely and sit opposite partner, looking him straight in the eye. First, you will be very embarrassed, but later the confusion will pass and you caressing each other, will find in the partner a lot of new. Pat, starting with face and ending with intimate areas, but when we cannot tolerate sex. You will feel an incredible array of new sensations.


Even the most ordinary, the missionary position can make one that will bring you ultimate pleasure. To make her most sensual, the partner should hold the feet of men, running fingers through his hair and gently SIP them, and constantly kissing partner. The man can caress the woman’s breast, producing the hormone of love.


The technique of the Carezza is to bring each other to the peak of pleasure, not letting the orgasm. Repeatedly repeating these steps, you will literally be driving each other crazy, straining to the limit of sexual tension, so you will prove the final stage to an unprecedented peak of pleasure. This technique is best suited posture when you lie on your side facing each other, cross-legged with the feet, and do love. When one partner feels that the end is near, he stops, calms down and … starts from the beginning.

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