How to kiss at a young age. Just follow these steps and you will succeed

Techno 25 March, 2018

2018-03-25 23:59

How to kiss at a young age. Just follow these steps and you will succeed
If you are around 10-13 years is likely to kiss you think is important. Don’t worry! This article will tell you in detail about how to kiss at a young age.

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Just follow these steps you will succeed, informs Rus.Media.


1. Pay attention to the signs. If your guy or girl wants to be with you and also always slightly touches, your hands, wrists, thus, is always very close to you, it may mean that he or she wants to kiss you. If you feel the same, just behave the same way. Perhaps this man is about to bow to you when you are sitting alone, or even touches your hair? All this can also be a sign of a kiss, just prigorela a little closer.

2. Define your boundaries. If your partner tries to kiss you and you don’t want to directly say about it. In the end, the young first kiss should be with the language. Now it is rather should be a light touch. Nothing more, so as not to cause inconvenience in a partner. Do not attempt to turn the first kiss into a series of hickeys.

3. Make sure the person is ready. If you’re not sure, ask casually: “are You with somebody already kissed or kissed”. If people respond negatively, ask: “would you like someone to kiss.” If the answer is Yes, slowly bend, hinting at a kiss. If people will be uncomfortable with this, stop, apologize.

4. If your partner wants to stop, slowly move back. After the kiss, look him in the eye, smile, to show that you liked to kiss.


– If you hesitate to kiss, tell me about it. Remember: kiss only when you are ready.

– Never tell a man that he had a unpleasant smell from a mouth, or he’s a bad kisser. This will significantly reduce your chances of getting a long and more enjoyable kiss.

– If you do not learn in the same class, ask your partner to meet in the hallway. Write a note that you will wait for him at the fountain, in the bathroom or near it. Better to do it where you won’t see the teacher.

– Confessing your feelings, lean in for a quick kiss. At your age, kissing you secretly or in the game “truth or dare”. Don’t be afraid. If you want someone to kiss, make sure the person is ready for it. Before the biggest kiss you can overcome the physical barrier: take in hand, lightly tap the partner’s shoulder or ports head.

– Use approach for three quarters. When you want someone to kiss, lean in to him for three quarters of the way. If people want to answer you, he will overcome the remaining distance.


– If you want to kiss someone at school, be careful. Perhaps it is against the rules of the school.

Don’t spread rumors about your kiss and do not tell about it to a friend who can’t keep secrets. If you need to share with someone, let it be your mom or best friend (girlfriend). You don’t want to know about your personal life.

– When I kiss you slightly tilt your head to the side. Beats noses can ruin the moment. Most people tip your head to the right, and you try. Don’t worry that the partner will do the same, because his right is your right. If you tilted the head to one side, just wait until the people rebuilt. You don’t want the two of us shake heads from side to side and look like two surprised turtle. So the time is clearly flawed.