How to know what your character according to blood group

Techno 7 February, 2018

2018-02-07 21:38

How to know what your character according to blood group
Finding out what a person’s blood group, you will learn its features, learn about health, even his psychological image.

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The first group of blood

The first laid the Foundation for the emergence of other groups. Holders of such blood have a focused, stubborn character, with an instinct towards self-preservation.

But in order to maintain their strength and stamina, a person with first blood group should eat foods high in protein. If this is not taken into account, then the person will feel fatigue, lack of energy and will quickly gain weight.

From the point of view of psychology, it is a strong, confident personality, are leaders by nature. If they set a goal, you will form the bones, but will get the plan, will rise to the pinnacle of success.

ICH weaknesses: jealousy, morbid ambition, narcissism, pride, intolerance of criticism.

No matter what is a good, loyal friends.

People with first blood type should be wary of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastric ulcer, gastritis, inflammation, irregular blood clotting, thyroid disease, allergies. To be in shape, they should engage in active sports.
Women with a negative rhesus should not terminate the pregnancy, and during pregnancy have seen the doctors with her the first day.

The second group of blood

The organisms of these people had to adjust to the demands of the people around them, so they had to acquire the peculiar features of physiology.

It turns out, if it does not appear grogorenko, then humanity would plunge into chaos that would lead to his death.

The nature of the people with the second type of secretive, but loving, friendly, patient. They love order, harmony and tranquility. They are able to find common language with all people, so they can assume leadership positions.

Their weakness: excessive self-absorbed, do not know how to relax, stubbornness, tendency to alcohol, overeating.

If a person has 2 positive group, then it is without the slightest prejudice to his vanity can be in a subordinate position.

Drugoretsky may have health problems in the form of rheumatism, type 1 diabetes, asthma, cardiac ischemia, allergies, leukemia, cancer, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis.

To prevent these diseases, people should avoid stress, different experiences. This will help yoga. By the way, Adolf Hitler had 2–the first group of blood.

The third group of blood

Was the result of settlement of new lands with different climates, so people have learned to adapt to all.

Hence, they have appeared such characteristic traits as optimism, intelligence, creativity, flexibility of thinking, and extravagance. It gets the best of everything, even many of the diseases seem to avoid them.

Psychologically flexible, with a particularly vivid imagination, prone to confrontation, they can easily establish contacts with other people.

Their weaknesses: they often suffer from depression, tendency to asceticism, excessive desire for independence can make it unprotected.

How to affect the health of the 3rd type. Diseases that have plagued man from the 3rd group: obesity; chronic fatigue, neurosis; diffuse atherosclerosis, psychosis; diabetes, 1; digestive disorders; cancer of the esophagus, pancreas.

Women can get postpartum sepsis and purulent mastitis. To be always in shape, you must engage in yoga and active sports. They should be swimming, tennis, Cycling.

The fourth group of blood

The one who got this type of blood, endowed with the most calm, balanced character. It’s true humanists. They are sociable, love them in society, they are fair, considerate of other people. But if the quiet-looking man to ruffle, it can be great revenge.

Their weaknesses: sometimes make sharp, can not quickly make the decision are in conflict with themselves.

People with this blood type are more likely to suffer SARS, all infectious diseases, heart disease, cancer, anemia, they are more important emotional and physical relief. By the way, Marilyn Monroe and US President John F. Kennedy had this type of blood.

Finally I want to say that the speakers of all blood types have their own strengths that can be developed, do not miss your chance.