How to use CPL(Cost per Lead) model for gambling?

News 19 September, 2022

The webmaster is constantly looking for new opportunities to earn money. For this reason, it is not surprising that today the popularity of the CPL model is becoming more and more popular. CPL is a model in marketing where a webmaster can receive dividends for attracting each new client. This model is often used in traffic arbitration. The help of a webmaster becomes invaluable in advertising campaigns when you need to quickly draw the attention of the audience to a new product.

What is CPL?

What is CPL? This is a form of cooperation that is gaining popularity, in which a member of the affiliate program must attract leads to the advertiser’s website. Since we have already touched on another term, we should talk about its meaning. What is a lead in marketing? A lead is a specific target action that an advertiser needs. For example, a customer may be expected to register, fund an account, or start betting.

Features of the CPL affiliate program

The cost-per-lead cooperation scheme has its characteristics. First of all, the webmaster needs to choose an affiliate program that looks the most attractive to him. The next step is to select the appropriate CPL format. SOI and DOI are the most commonly used today.

SOI or the single-opt-in format assumes that the target confirmed action is performed only once. The client does not need to carry out additional manipulations. For example, its task will be just registration without the need to replenish the account or go through verification.

DOI offers involve cooperation on the double-opt-in model. As the name implies, here you will have to motivate players to perform several actions at once on the advertiser’s site. Naturally, it becomes much more difficult to achieve the set goal, but the advertiser gets more guarantees that the player will not leave betting after a few days. An arbitrageur can get a much more solid amount for participating in the program in the double-opt-in format. Usually, this requires attracting a player who not only registers but also replenishes the deposit.

How the cost per lead model works in the gambling niche

Since CPL marketing is a convenient scheme for making money, it should be discussed in detail. How is the cooperation between the casino and the webmaster? To begin with, the advertiser needs to create an offer, as well as prepare promotional materials. The latter is used by webmasters who have chosen gambling as a niche to attract a new audience. The affiliate program will bring payouts at the moment when users click on the specified banner or link, after which the expected action should occur.

How to improve the efficiency of CPL?

To make the cost-per-lead model more efficient, optimization techniques need to be considered. For example, the following programs are often used for this:

  • Google Tag Manager;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Google Optimize!

Be sure to write down a specific commercial goal, as well as closely monitor the response of statistics to certain actions to attract players. An affiliate program in Ukraine will be effective only if it can attract the attention of the target audience. The webmaster should be careful when creating a contextual ad so that it turns out to be interesting for the players. CPL is equally beneficial for both the webmaster and the advertiser, and the opportunities for earning within the reward scheme are quite wide.