How to use the erogenous zone girls?

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 23:02

How to use the erogenous zone girls?
The slogan “theory without practice is dead” is coming even this close to each human as sex.

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To list the erogenous zones of girls may, strange as it may sound, even a schoolboy. But not even every adult can tell you about how to influence them and how to understand what the girl like and what not. It’s no wonder they say that can be a long and not effective massage the clitoris, and then doomed to breathe behind the ear girls and this action make her stremtsi from excitement.

To start say all those sweet dots on the female body. The first thing to say that there is no single most important places, the chief over others. Though there is a traditional way in which to move. Ears – neck – chest – abdomen – inner thighs – Clit – g-spot. If you first see the girl on the bed and not going in the first race to learn it completely, then move in this way, optimal activity.

However, if you are looking for something new, you need to go here:

Hair. Massaging the head wyszukane pleasure. But you need to follow the force of impact and careful for them not to pull. This is especially true of long hair. Until you get to bed, the curls have time to get confused. Men, of course has short hair, do not understand what it means to push the hair back. So be careful.
Wrist. Places that get undeservedly little attention. But there is such a thin skin, and accordingly close the nerve endings. I think that is why they check the heartbeat? Here here.
Feet. In BDSM there is even a section – footjob. This is when the fetish are female feet. The feet are those places that work even when a woman on vacation. Therefore, it is difficult to say what effect is achieved: the excitation of the erogenous points of the girls or just the most pleasant relaxation. But coming someday out of the shower, be sure to try to do it. Gratitude will not be forthcoming.
Buttocks. Delicate subject, they appear in many strata of culture. Them slap secretaries. About them ever sang Makarevich. It is a rare place where you can play with temperature with no ice or liquids: after a series of slaps lightly swipe on red leather tongue. Such a contrast of sensations very pleasant.
As girls are not appreciated quick sex, just oiled look and accelerated foreplay. So if you want to activate the erogenous zones of girls, try to use different effects. Key among them – kissing, fondling tongue, biting, stroking fingers and palm compression. They should be used in accordance with the size of the area of the body. Nipples are more efficient to compress lips, buttocks – with your fingers. But, of course, you should not do it robotino like: “kiss three times to lick, bite, RUB with your fingers, repeat for both Breasts”. how many men repeat the same thing on both nipples? Be unpredictable – go against the system!