HTC U 11: Best DxOMark Marketplace

Techno 16 May, 2017

Freshly formalized, the HTC U 11 is already the best photophone market. According to DxOMark, it is even more efficient than Google Pixel in this field.
We waited impatiently, and it finally arrived … The HTC U 11! This Tuesday, May 16, HTC held a press conference to present its latest flagship. We discovered a smartphone sending heavy in all areas , at least on paper. But it was not long before his qualities were put to the test … And it is the photo that was validated first! Freshly announced, the HTC U 11 was judged by DxOMark. He passed the test handily, since he came to scratch the place of best photophone market. An argument that should weigh in the balance when the flagship concerned will be marketed.
According to DxOMark , the HTC U 11 is now the best photophone on the market. With 90 points, he dethroned the Google Pixel which held one less, but also the HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8, and Sony Xperia X Performance . Just that ! Equipped with a 12 megapixel rear sensor with UltraPixel 3, the smartphone offers a very fast autofocus. The quality of the colors including in low light was also praised by the site, as is the preservation of the details and the flash it is equipped with. Hopefully this will allow HTC to turn around its turnover . In any case, at meltyStyle, we are (even more) impatient to test the flagship. Is photo your buying criterion # 1?