HTC Vive: Its manufacturer wants to bring more features

Techno 1 May, 2017

The future generation of the virtual reality headset, HTC Vive, is the subject of great attention at its manufacturer. It reveals more about the next features.
The HTC Vive is one of the most successful virtual reality headsets of its generation. The Taiwanese firm is investing heavily in this area and will increase its market in the near future. HTC is currently preparing the U 11 , its next high-end smartphone. Recall that the company changed strategy at the beginning of the year and refocused its activity. Our colleagues from Engadget discussed with Venture Capital Alliance, the manufacturer of HTC Vive. With them, they were able to tackle the future of the virtual reality helmet. And the least we can say is that the next generation of HTC Vive promises!
Indeed, Venture Capital Alliance wants to push the connectivity of its headset by integrating an improved Bluetooth. In other words, the manufacturer would want to link Bluetooth to the multiplayer through a linked adapter. Another point of improvement, the interaction between the different protagonists especially in the broadcasting of messages. The social is the focus of future VR helmets. That’s why Walking Dead, the cult series, has recently become available in virtual reality . Venture Capital Alliance wants to create realistic avatars through selfies capable of interacting without passing through a keyboard. Thus, the firm wants to partner with WeChat to establish an adequate virtual intelligence program. Not to mention the eye-tracking that will be pushed to follow the user’s eyes as best as possible to reduce bad effects such as nausea. Prototypes are in test, for a final product, we will have to wait a little longer.