Huawei P10: Less than 500 euros, would it be the best good plan of the week?

Techno 25 May, 2017

Offered for less than 500 euros this week, is the Huawei P10 the right plan to seize? The chances of the answer being “yes” are high …
Summer is coming, the time to change smartphones and take advantage of new promotions too. And while the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its Edge version are available between 450 and 500 euros , another good plan has just landed and could be that of the week . For less than a year, a new competitor of size has arrived on the market. Positioning behind Apple and Samsung, this challenger gives them cool sweats and has recently released a new smartphone. You know, Huawei and his fabulous Huawei P10. A flagship which despite its recent release is already available for less than 500 euros!
This good deal comes from Amazon, always present when it comes to making you nice savings … Usually offered at 599 euros, this discount allows you to keep 99 euros warm in your pocket. What to pay you a small shell or an SD card to increase the memory of your future Huawei P10, whose screen is replaced free in Australia if it is broken ! To enjoy this good deal, it’s simple: just go to this address . You can then enjoy its powerful technical features , its camera or even its design to the top! Ready to jump on the occasion?