Huawei P10 Lite: The good plan of 2017? Discover our smartphone test!

Techno 31 March, 2017

In addition to its P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei has launched the commercialization of its P10 Lite. We had the opportunity to test this smartphone that mixes the design of the P10 and Honor 8, here are our impressions.
If Huawei has not communicated around the low-cost variant of its sublime P10, this new smartphone could still be one of the best deals in 2017. We remember that 3 years ago, the P8 Lite Had managed to finish at the top of sales of mobiles in France . The P10 Lite should sell as well. Marketed at less than 400 euros, this smartphone that mixes the design of the Honor 8 with that of the P10 successfully passed the different stages of the tests of meltyStyle. And here is our verdict.
If Huawei has opted for a less powerful processor (Kirin 655), the P10 Lite is equipped with the same fingerprint sensor as the P10, 4 GB of RAM and has a memory of 32 GB. Could test on the high-end version but, this time, this sensor is located at the back of the smartphone. Apart from that, other characteristics are a less good chouïa than on a P10 but, on the whole, the P10 Lite sends heavy . No signs of slowing were felt throughout our test. It is even difficult to find a smartphone as powerful in this segment, without going through Honor or OnePlus.
Aesthetically, the Huawei P10 Lite is a clever mixture between Honor 8 and P10. Despite its 5.2-inch screen, it holds easily in the palm of the hand. Yes, this midrange smartphone has nothing to envy to the older ones. But most of all this is probably the selling price of the P10 Lite. Officially sold at 349 €, the new Chinese smartphone is a bit more expensive than the latest Lite family . We would have kiffé that it does not exceed the psychological threshold of 300 euros but, we still appreciate its performance and design well worked. In short, everything justifies a purchase, by ICI.