Huawei P10: This shock-proof shell from Speck will make you happy!

Techno 19 June, 2017

It’s a secret: the Huawei P10 needs to be pampered. To protect it from shocks and scratches, this transparent shell that resists impacts will regale you.
The P10 shows the level of innovation at Huawei. Launched at the beginning of the year, the smartphone never ceases to amaze us. Equipped with a dual photo sensor signed by Leica ( whose shots are perfect ) and endowed with an impeccable finish, the terminal has almost cordialized the Huawei P9 . But like any high end mobile phone, the P10 needs to be protected from bumps and scratches. And in this game, the transparent shell of Speck promises to be a must-have. With an ultra-thin design and superior impact protection, the Presidio CLEAR shell will allow your smartphone to withstand falls of up to 2 meters, just that!
UV-resistant, the Speck shell will always remain transparent . What to allow your Huawei P10 to look natural and always as classy! Ultra-fine, this hull passes completely unnoticed, as you can see in our photos. And despite its transparency, it is solid. It offers a protection that is both fine and durable to the P10, a smartphone validated by footballer Antoine Griezmann , against the occasional damage of everyday life. If you want to get it, it’s here. So, ready to make the happiness of your P10?