Hugo Barrette eyes turned to the World of cycling

Sport 5 October, 2017

Photo: Kin Cheung Associated Press
The cyclist Hugo Barrette

Hugo Barrette knows his own admission a ” very good season “. Its title in the pan american Championships at the beginning of September, and its three canadian titles won last week in Milton, Ontario, tend to give him reason. But it is mainly due to the work done in training that he is able to appreciate as much of his campaign.


The last olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Barrette stopped at 38 thousandths of a second of a participation in the semi-finals and maybe even a podium in the keirin. Met that day in the vicinity of the olympic velodrome, the cycling of the Magdalen islands was devastated. He felt the need to take a break.


“I presented several aspects of my training in question, he indicated during an interview with The canadian Press. I wanted to see how to go to another level to [the olympic Games] Tokyo. I had a big period of reflection, after that I’m back in full force. Despite little time to practice, I’ve had a good season last year, including a world Cup medal and a 10th place at the World championships in a sprint. “


The World


Here at the world Championships of track cycling, which will take place from 28 February to 4 march in the netherlands, Barrette focus more on training than on competition, as he will play the world Cup in Milton.


“I’m focused on the World. Yes, there will be the world Cup in Milton. It will be great to “compete” in front of the family, but it is in December. And me, my goal, what are the Global, where I really want to put all of the gum. “


“I want to present myself in a good shape at Milton, but it is certain that we are going to try new things. I am known to ride with a lot of force, but everything indicates that it is necessary that I step back a little. Is it that I will be at the maximum in Milton ? I hope. But the goal always remains the World. I am confident that within the next five months I will be in full swing. “


Six weeks later, he will participate in the Commonwealth Games. Then, Module account is given of the rest, because he knows that the next two years will be completely crazy.


“The process of olympic qualification is played over two years. There are four world Cups, the world championships and continental Championships each year to qualify. It is so competitive that even with podiums, it is necessary to participate in all the competitions. This year, I don’t need to pick up points for the olympics, that’s why I do fewer races. […] The period during which I really need to improve myself, it is this year. “