Human energy: lefties and righties

Techno 22 March, 2018

2017-12-02 21:50

Human energy: lefties and righties
We are so different that sometimes can not understand each other.

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Debate about who is better, Lefty or righty, go today, reports Rus.Media. We are so different that sometimes can not understand each other. Comparing the ability of left-handers and right-handers, not only physically, but also energetically, you can see your strengths.

Historical facts say that people used to have more developed right hemisphere and almost everyone was left-handed. Such thinking was based more on instincts and allowed to survive, guided by instinct. Later people began to use both hands at the level, and then the right hand has become even more developed.

The differences of the physical plane

Everyone is already aware of the fact that at the physiological level striking difference is the use of only the dominant hand. One more use my right hand and the other left. Accordingly, the right-handed and left-handed people developed different hemispheres of the brain.

However, not everyone knows that there are differences and biochemical composition. In the body accumulates more iron right-handed and left-handers in the body is dominated by zinc. This biochemical composition is affected in a certain way mental. It turns out that lefties have a more developed creative thinking, and righties are more logical in their actions.

The differences of the psychological plan

Any lefties highly-developed creative imagination. As a rule, they are more emotional and dependent on their feelings and experiences. Such people have a better working relationship with your unconscious, which contributes to the development of intuition and psychic abilities. All famous psychic Marilyn Kerro main functions are performed with the left hand. And the development of creative thinking helps left-handers to find a creative way out of the situation.

People who used to do everything with the right hand, more logical and sensible. They are better able to control their emotions and act according to the planned scheme.

Differences energy plan

Because of its sensibility and emotionality of left-handers are more prone to the negative effects on the energy level. They are too trusting and willing each to share their kindness. That is why such people are often involved in energy vampires and just bad people who want to use people for their own purposes. And put a spell on Lefty afford even the most ordinary person.

From the visible mistrust of such people in this respect, since more a long time left-handedness was considered a sign of evil forces or the influence of demons. No wonder, not to jinx it, spit it the hell over your left shoulder.

In fact, you can argue about who is better and which hand is more important, but each person is free to choose which hand to use more, because desire can develop properly and the second brush. Such people energy becomes more powerful, and the ability to the psychic increase. This is useful for brain activity. Many methods of spiritual, energetic and intellectual development is sometimes recommended to change hands and use cases are not usual. Who knows, maybe simply eating dinner with a fork, taken in the left hand, will help you develop a sixth sense.

No wonder they say: “Everything is in our hands”. No matter who you are a Lefty or a righty: we are all one part of a huge Universe. Love, trust yourself and the world