Humorous horoscope for today 16 March for all Zodiac signs

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 21:51

Humorous horoscope for today 16 March for all Zodiac signs
If you are skeptical about all kinds of horoscopes, this is for You!

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In any case, today, do not lose presence of mind and sense of humor, because there is a likelihood that you will try to play. For example, if you suddenly get stopped by the traffic warden, take it as a joke.

Today there is a tendency to sit on a diet and “get” it, grafting on the other. For example, during Breakfast you will prefer to stick to a vegetable diet, for lunch go to milk, and give experimental chocolate diet. Thus, you will be able on a diet to sit and eat ad libitum.

Eat more spices. It does not matter if in addition to black pepper in your kitchen is no longer anything. They pripravte abundant food and drink, you may be able to open unknown taste combination.

Any obmezhuvati your will should say his firm “No!”. There is nothing to go on about the circumstances. Well, what is written in your responsibilities? But where is it written that you will certainly have to comply?

Do not try to restrain emotions, especially negative: they can destroy you from the inside. Better to destroy something outside, for example, in a fit of anger to beat up or break up something into pieces. No doubt, after this, you will immediately become easier.

Real men are sometimes found in the kitchens of good restaurants. Let, to them that you want to be present when cooking steak cowboy and introduce to the catering. If the cook is not only handsome, but also discourages meat gently and firmly at the same time, should get to know him better.

Throwing stuff out the window, don’t neglect the opportunities offered you this kind of behavior. Target of some particularly unpleasant personalities and even make them real sniper ambush. Especially if you’re lucky “ways of migration” one of your enemies are under your Windows – however, this is more of a luxury than a necessity.

From time to time give people respite from the contemplation of you. You will be deeply amazed at how much you will be grateful for this simple gift, and what a lot of thanks you’ll have to carry on their overworked shoulders. Don’t be afraid, take a risk, and in the meantime make new friends, which will also delight in turn.

Today you pull on the fruit, and you just have to combine business with pleasure: to sit on a fruit diet. So imagine today save Apple, and start weight eating these low-cost and at the same time very tasty fruit. And then the mood and figure are in order.

How about burning? Do not have to burn a broken heart the smoke from the nostrils! You can gently try to do it dandruff. The sun is not enough? Then you can use the most ardent fans – may they glitter lovers eyes burn wonky swirls you drew on the fanerku hind leg.

If you are in a bad mood, remove it. Firstly, do not go to work. Second, make home elegant Breakfast and climb into the aromatherapy bath. Thirdly, the whole day is at your disposal! The hardest part will be to keep a bad mood at least until lunch.


Be ready at any moment to get you interested in the phenomenon of the body in every way to explore, sketch, measure, and then put in a jar with formalin. Who would dare to accuse you formalistick approach – with contempt usmiechnieci such people in the face. After all, like you hold all positivistic science and philosophy.