Humpback whale rescued from shark biologist in the Pacific ocean : In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

In the South Pacific near the cook Islands, an incident occurred in which Keith managed to scare off a shark about to attack a female diver. With the appearance of a predator kit was to protect the woman their fins.


In the vast popular video hosting YouTube there was a video which depicted the moment of salvation of a woman-a biologist from the shark attack. Not seeing the tiger shark that swam ever closer, the diver at first very surprised at the behavior of the whale, covering her with their fins. At some point, 63-year-old diver even rose above the water due to the fact that Keith put her on his back. In the immediate vicinity of the divers was also the second kit that demonstrated this behavior.

Once out of the water, the woman heard from people on the surface next to her appeared a tiger shark, and whale behaviour was so specific because the animals wanted to scare off the predatory fish.