Hundred years in the bar and told the secret of longevity : In the World : Vladim

News 26 December, 2017

A century barmaid from France went to live.


She recommends that those who wish to live at least a hundred years never eat fruit, drink milk and yogurts. The woman after eating her drinks of water and a glass of “something”, but in moderation. She added, if I drank a lot of alcohol, could not boast of longevity.

The woman’s name is Marie-Lou Wirth. She was born in 1917, 14 years, worked in the bar his parents. The school works on this day, Marie is still behind the counter, but the former there are almost no clients, Marie all of them managed to survive. The woman says that the young people in her school do not go, because it is not interesting to look at the old lady.

The bartender has lived his entire life in isbergues, she said, before the town was more lively place, in the old days there nahodilas to hundreds of cafes, and now remain only four, it was up to 6,000 factory workers, now 200.