Hundreds of skiers raise $ 225,000 to help sick children

News 18 March, 2018
  • Photo By Pascal Huot

    QMI agency

    Sunday, 18 march 2018 15:21

    Sunday, 18 march 2018 15:22

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    STONEHAM | Some 635 skiers rushed down the slopes of the ski resort Stoneham, about thirty kilometres north of Québec city, Saturday, raising approximately $ 225,000 to help children with cancer.

    Photo By Pascal Huot


    Since its creation, the Défi ski Leucan, which celebrated its tenth anniversary, has raised $ 1.8 million. To participate, teams of four skiers, had to raise at least $ 500 in donation and make at least a descent hour.

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    The sums raised for Leucan will be used to support sick children and their families, as well as to support research.

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    “Leucan is the main funder of clinical research in pediatric oncology. It is important to know that the research is not funded by the State, as Leucan. The donations raised today are extremely important as they allow Leucan to save lives,” said the director multirégionale and philanthropic development of Leucan, Nathalie Matte.

    Photo By Pascal Huot