Hurricane Irma goes in the category of up to 5

News 5 September, 2017
  • AFP

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 08:11

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 08:19

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    Irma became Tuesday (well Tuesday), “a hurricane extremely dangerous” category 5 is the maximum of the scale which measures these phenomena, announced the american Center of hurricanes (NHC).

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    The preparations for the arrival of the hurricane “needs to be accelerated and completed in the area warning of the hurricane,” insists the NHC. At 8: 00 a.m., Irma was 440 kilometers to the East of Antigua and had winds of 280 km/h.

    An early warning of the hurricane is in effect for Antigua, Barbados, the british Virgin Islands and the united states, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, and Puerto Rico.

    An early warning of the hurricane means that the meteorological services provide for the arrival of a hurricane within 36 hours.

    Many other territories in the Caribbean have issued warnings pending a more precise idea of the place where Irma is going to hit.

    The hurricane currently travels at 22 km/h and the hurricane center expected it to take a direction west-north-west on Tuesday evening when it should reach the Islands Sous-le-Vent.