“I never would have had to take this medicine”

News 19 July, 2017
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    The Montreal-Jason Parasuco has fought for five years to combat his addiction to methadone, which he began taking to manage physical pain. He believes that physicians should be more cautious when prescribing opioids.

    Héloïse Archambault

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 06:30

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 06:30

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    A 33 year old man has fought for five years to combat his addiction to methadone, a potent opioid that has ” ruined his life “.

    “It was the biggest fight of my life,” swears the Montreal-Jason Parasuco.

    “I never would have had to take this medicine, he says. The methadone, this is not for everyone. I see people for whom it works well, but it has ruined my life. “

    In 2010, the life of those who worked in the world of fashion has completely capsized, in Toronto. After being beaten and kidnapped for three days, Mr. Parasuco has been hospitalized.

    To counter the pain, doctors have prescribed OxyContin, a powerful opioid. In the months following his leave, his gp he was prescribed 300 tablets of 80 milligrams (mg) per month.

    “I knew nothing of the addiction, he swears. My doctor did not explained it. “

    “I always took higher doses. If I missed, my doctor told me prescribed without question. “

    After some time, Mr. Parasuco has tried in vain to stop the medication by itself.

    “I was getting sick. I could not sleep any more, I had the sweats, my body ached, ” he recalls.


    Back in Montreal in 2011, the young man has been placed on a substitution treatment with methadone, Saint-Luc hospital (CHUM).

    “Before my leave, I was hooked. I listened to the doctors, they have increased the dose, ” said the one who was taking up to 150 mg per day.

    “And this, this is a lot,” he said.

    “In my head, I didn’t want to take. But my body was addicted to it. They have made me a zombie. I was no longer myself. It was even harder than the OxyContin. “

    Today, Jason Parasuco calculates its battle against the methadone lasted five years.

    “I tried to stop by myself, but that is virtually impossible. Without realizing it, you’re high. I lose always my job, I had lost my ambition, my focus. I was not the same person “, he says.

    Due to the medication, Mr. Parasuco has developed chronic pancreatitis, and was hospitalized several times in recent years.

    Meta Soul

    In 2016, he has managed to stop the methadone, but then took suboxone for a year, a other substitution treatment.

    Today, Mr. Parasuco has a prescription for hydromorphone (another opioid). The man takes 18 mg per day but dosage is gradually reduced.

    Once weaned, he intends to find a job. By then, he receives the help of Meta Soul, an organization that accompanies the dependent to opioids, in Montreal.

    Not for all

    Although it is known that the methadone helps addicts, Mr. Parasuco is of the opinion that doctors should be more careful.

    “I know lots of people who would never have thought to find it, and they are no longer able to stop. “

    “And people should be aware of. The doctors do not take enough time with their patients, ” he said.