I tested for you, a week without the Apple Watch Series 2!

Techno 29 May, 2017

You dreamed of it but being in the skin of James Bond, it’s stronger than you? I spent a week without my Apple Watch Series 2, Apple’s connected watch, and here are my impressions.
By forgetting the charger of my Apple Watch in Morocco in the margins of the festival Mawazine 2017, I simply tried not to use my watch connected. This looks simple but, the Apple Watch Series 2 is on my wrist since its release. And ten months of living together with the Apple Watch, it’s not nothing! Even if obviously, the indispensable side of a connected watch has never been proven, I finally found many benefits. And then, I’m still part of generation 89 that does not find any difference between an Apple Watch and hot water.
The first day without my Apple Watch was a Sunday, an endless day. If I got into the habit of running every day on the watch to check my emails, answering SMS and calls, everything changed without this condensed technology. I now felt like I was away from action and info alerts. My iPhone 7 never seemed so overwhelmed by the events . Yes, I can do everything with the smartphone headed but have a Watch in addition, it has nothing to have. Imagine being able to phone on one side and play on the other? If the most skeptical will say that it has not succeeded in replacing the iPhone, I will try to explain in the next few lines why life without Apple Watch is not as simple as what the ”
Live without Apple Watch is snober the know-how . At the restaurant for example, I no longer go out my iPhone at the table. Thanks to the head-watch, discretion was part of my personality. Today I feel like I’m going back in a world where the ultra-connected had not yet its place. Living without Apple Watch is certainly less hard than going without its smartphone but, the chic side of the watch is priceless. Tactile, intelligent and square, the watch connected the firm to the Apple has the DNA of Steve Jobs . And thanks to the Apple Watch, I felt less alone.
By becoming waterproof, the Apple Watch Series 2 showed its muscles. I could share my performance at the pool (I take you when you want to breaststroke ) with my friends who also have a watch. Suddenly, you felt less alone and you could challenge her girlfriend oklm. So there is a social side that I have never seen in the world of telephony. And icing on the cake, doing sports has never been so hilarious for a geek . But the Apple Watch miss me most, when I’m driving a car.
The Apple Watch Series 2 replaces the famous hands-free kit. Basically, one can make calls from the watch and speak James Bond way in his car. And I have to admit that with the Watch, I never had a ticket for talking at the wheel. It is difficult to talk about the connected watch without telling his life, so much the relationship with this gadget is personal. And although I easily zapped the classic watches with the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, I still can not get used to a life without Apple Watch . Without being perfect or indispensable, it has revolutionized my everyday life ….