If Celine Dion has so much changed since the death of René Angélil, it is to “please her son and a younger generation” – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


Artist intergenerational par excellence, Céline Dion is currently in full metamorphosis ; the reason the fact that she does not miss its appointment with the new generation.

Thirty years that Celine Dion is governed by an energy quasi-mystical prompt to tsunamiser all negative vibes. Three decades in which she never appeared burdened by the weight of years ; for burns in the quebec diva a fire sacred energy coming from the bottom of his heart that has been growing with the unconditional love of his public.


So when her husband René Angélil has made his last breath on the 14th of January 2016, it is natural that she wished to appear dignified, proud and strong, first for his three sons but also because she knows his presence is something messianic ; it is thus that the apostle of joy, she sang ” Show must go on ” on the stage of the Billboard Awards four months after saying goodbye to his mentor.


Also, because Celine Dion has decided to do his mourning, an ” inner energy ” and thereby to comply with no doubt that René whispered in their last breaths, ” the fact of continuing to live and more even. It is as well that the star shows up for a few months now, in an attitude which some have defined as a teenager to signify its apparent recklessness ; the approach of its 50 years, giving rise to a plethora of interpretation to explain this metamorphosis.


Crisis or no crisis of the fifties, the fact is that Celine Dion has clearly decided to let go to the delight of his fans who have been able to see her naked on the cover of Vogue, blagueuse like never on Instagram and furious as rarely it was on stage. ” This year, it is in the growth and development of itself. She explodes in every sense of the term. Up here, she was sexy in the limit of the frame indicated by her husband, ” says the biographer, Elisabeth Raynaud, author of the biography Céline and René, a love that is invincible.


Artist, cross-generational, Celine Dion does not want to miss his encounter with a new public, where his desire to show himself free and lightweight. One explanation for this : the presence, in his life of his eldest son, 16-year-old ! “ Now, it’s René-Charles the cursor. The basic reason of his change, it is to please his sons and to a younger generation. We forget that Celine Dion has tremendously worked to become the star she is today. Today, she works his youth ” analysis Elizabeth Renaud, including many about psychics are to be found in a survey on Celine Dion to read in the next issue of Tele Star.

Céline Dion,René-Charles Angélil

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