IKEA offers to take a pregnancy test to receive the discount : In the World : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

In one of the popular women’s magazines female readers have stumbled upon a very unusual advertising IKEA. Advertising form had a field to undergo a pregnancy test and thanks to him you can get a discount.


This creative is allowed to women whose test was positive, to obtain a good discount on children’s goods at chain stores IKEA. The reader had only to put on a special field is urine with a pipette and wait for the result. Together with a positive result, on the reverse of the form displayed itself discount. Prices were in the range of 35% to 70% and only applied to children’s furniture and products.

In addition medical experts that are engaged in the development of such advertising together with public relations agencies believe that the achievements obtained during the development of the advertising will help to improve medical diagnosis.