IMac Pro: More than 20,000 euros for its high-end version?

Techno 16 June, 2017

If the basic rate of the highly anticipated iMac Pro seems quite expensive, its all options option could cost you the eyes of the head. We speak of a price exceeding 20.000 euros !!
Since its announcement at WWDC 2017, the iMac Pro leaves no one indifferent. It is simply the most powerful and the most “badass” Mac ever created, just that. Everything from black clothed, from mouse to shell, the iMac Pro has not changed aesthetically compared to the current 27-inch. Equipped with a 5K display and a Radeon Vega GPU with 16GB of VRAM and 400GB of bandwidth, the new iMac Pro delivers perfection . And if its basic price is announced at around 5000 euros, it is obvious that the high-end version of this iMac Pro costs the skin of the buttocks.
Considering the possible options on this iMac Pro, one could easily double the price of this computer which is really wow . To do this, just opt ​​for an Xeon processor at 18 Core, 128 GB RAM and 4 TB of SSD. Our confreres of ZDNet have calculated the hypothetical price of an iMac Pro all options. According to the US site, the last “beast” headed should reach without pressure the 17-18000 dollars, if all options are chosen. Which should correspond to the modest sum of 20,000 euros, nothing but that. Fortunately, the new iPad Pro has enough to replace your computer!