Images of the young Ariel picked up there at 48 h by surveillance cameras in the ahunstic-Cartierville

News 14 March, 2018
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    Frederique Giguere

    Wednesday, march 14, 2018 13:41

    Wednesday, march 14, 2018 13:41

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    The last images of the little Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, 10 years old, were captured by surveillance cameras of two shops of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, there are already more than 48 hours.

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    To assist in the search, the manager of the garage Jules Provost et associés, located at the corner of boulevard Gouin Ouest and rue Letellier, gave access to the Newspaper at his video tapes.


    On the images, one can see the boy walking on the sidewalk towards the east. It also distinguishes very well the shoes Adidas yellow with which he left the house Monday noon.

    The cameras of the restaurant, The Bordeaux region, just a few steps, also picked up the little Ariel a few minutes after.

    The Montreal police is in possession of all the images and always tries to find the boy.

    The father of the deceased, Kouadio Frederic Kouakou, still believes that her son has been the victim of an abduction.

    “I hope with all my heart to review his face, I miss him a lot and I love him with all my heart,” he confided, eyes in the water.

    Remember that it weighs about 40 kg (88 lbs) and measure about 140 cm (4 ft., 5 inches). He left the house around noon Monday, and was wearing a black coat with a hood and gray pants.