Imperative French are awarded a “prix citron” to Emmanuel Macron and Valerie Plant

News 25 March, 2018
  • Photo AFP


    Sunday, 25 march 2018 14:37

    Sunday, 25 march 2018 14:37

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    Imperative French was awarded Sunday, a “price lemon,” the French president Emmanuel Macron for about defending his casual use of the English language on the international scene.

    Imperative French the president chose Macron to have, “during the visit of the premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard, stated its willingness to “renew the software” French-inspired “the example of north american” according to which “speak English reinforces the francophonie”! Phew!”, wrote the organization on its website.

    Based in Quebec and founded in 1975, Imperative, French is described as a “cultural organization of research and communication dedicated to the promotion of the French language, of the culture of French-speaking and the French-speaking world.”

    During the visit to Paris in early march of the Prime minister of quebec, the president Macron reported that they did not make part of the “defenders grumpy” of the French language, scratching the passage of the proponents of a strict pre-eminence of French.

    “Drawing inspiration from the example of north-american, I have always considered that the defence of the French this was not refuse to speak other languages (…) For my part I never hesitate to express myself both in French, or in the language of the host country, or also in English (…) on the international stage or in front of the business community, because I think that this reinforces the francophonie to show that this is not a language enclave, but a language which forms part of the multilingualism,” said the president during a press conference with Mr. Couillard.

    It was also noted that they talked a lot about “francophonie” since his election, “but in renewing the software and the concept”.

    Imperative in French has also been awarded the prize lemon for the year 2017-2018 to multiple personalities or canadian agencies, including the mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, who refuses, according to the organization, “to recognize that French is the common language of public use in Montreal and Quebec by putting on an equal footing with English and French”.