Important rules for respecting women

Techno 22 February, 2018

2018-02-22 13:54

Important rules for respecting women
11 reminders for each adult female, tired of the assholes

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1. You’re not a refuge for him until his ex come back, or until he finds someone else. You’re worthy to occupy the most important place in his life, and if he does not understand this, then not worth your time and your body sends.

2. You’re not a tool of oblivion from his ex.

3. Your self-esteem should not depend on his relationship. He can’t judge how you’re attractive, desirable or amazing.

4. He shouldn’t spend the night with you if not going to be with you this afternoon.

5. If he can’t clear you of your relationship, then you have no future, he doesn’t appreciate you and does not consider worthy even to be honest.

6. If you want a relationship, don’t make the situation complicated.

7. If it brings you more pain than pleasure, then he’s not even a ladies ‘ man.

8. Your pleasure is also important. You’re not a means of achieving pleasure for him. There are men who want to satisfy you. So it is better to waste your energy on them.

9. You’re more than the body. You have a beautiful soul and mind. Find someone who will appreciate you.

10. You deserve much more and better than you think. Does not detract from its dignity.

11. You story man who wants the same as you, and is willing to give it to you.