In a Canadian University choose a teacher of magic In the World : Vladim

News 6 March, 2018

The leadership of Carleton University located in Canada, announced the launch of the activities of the Department of magic, which has only recently appeared in the University. In connection with the opened prospects for University teaching looking for a teacher of magic.


Many fans of the “Harry Potter” seriously considering the option of admission to Carleton University, which now operates a Department of magic. The Department decided to call in honor of media Mogul Allan’s slate, began his career with the magic arts. In his youth, Allan was a touring magician, thus earning a livelihood. For the arrangement of the Department of magic at the University of the relatives of the slate gave the leadership of the University two million dollars, and about 1.5 thousand of books about the magical arts.

For the beginning of work of the Department of magic is not only enough qualified teachers, which wanted in the moment, representatives of the University. Representatives of the University stated that the Department provides a comprehensive training program, including psychology, literature, communications theory and many other disciplines.