In Alaska appeared high-speed Internet

News 21 December, 2017

Alaska has built a network for high-speed
Internet through the company Quintillionиз anchorage.


Wires were stretched on 1 December, and gradually
local residents will be connected to it. Currently, people use
satellite connection which is quite slow, because many complain that it is not
you can upload interesting videos on YouTube and other resources. ПланQuintillionпо conducting high-speed Internet in Alaska is part of a development
of connecting London and Tokyo via the Arctic, according VladTime.
Local residents in two ways relate to the idea
broadband. Many support it, noting that it will be possible
faster to tell about any holidays, to gather people and so on. Other
Alaskans criticize high-speed Internet, claiming that with him
gradually leave the culture and traditions. Representatives of the company Quintillion warn that
will not be cheap due to technical difficulties, however, if
connect new investors, the price will be acceptable. Anyway,
given the cost of services in Alaska in General, where because of the need much
to import even milk is more expensive.