In Argentina, the student are unable to leave, and shot her ex-boyfriend In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

Near the capital of Argentina 19-year-old student shot and killed her ex-boyfriend after he dumped her. The girl loved the guy and couldn’t deal with the breakup.


In Argentina, 230 km from the capital Buenos Aires, an incident occurred which was killed a young man. The cause of death was his ex-girlfriend who shot ex-boyfriend from his father’s gun.

The pair has been together for five years. About a year ago, they had to leave. The reason of such act the guy didn’t. 19-year-old girl was difficult to deal with it. It is reported that she was chasing the deceased. A few days ago, a student attacked him in a nightclub.

Before love decided to steal his father’s gun and went to the ex, where he produced two accurate shots, so that the guy died. The girl was not immediately arrested. The police thought that the murder was committed by the father. The student confessed to their crime, and arrested her.

Later the accused was examined among psychologists, on which experts have not found any mental disorders. Now a young girl is waiting for the court. She faces up to 25 years of punishment in female prison.