In Armenia, three young men tried to force a Mature woman to have sex : Crime news : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In Armenia in the village of Vayk, three young men aged 18-19 years old tried to force the 47-year-old woman to have sex, blackmailing photographs, which the lady depicted in the Nude. Information about the incident spread in the local media.


Three boys stuck to a Mature woman, guys demanded from the citizen of the performance of love fantasies. Then you guys threatened the lady that will make public photos in which she is shown naked. The words had no effect on the boys, they left the house, but promised to return. The guys came to the house of his victim later that evening. This time young men didn’t want love, they demanded money. The woman refused and the young men at this time, then the youths threatened violence. A citizen began to scream, the aggressors got scared and ran away.

Information about the incident reached the police. Law enforcement officers spoke with young people. The guys wrote a statement and told about the debauchery of his victim, although unflattering to its address. Currently under investigation, investigated all the circumstances of the incident.