In Asia there was a demand for “angel” whitening vaginas In the World : Vladim

News 24 January, 2018

Asian ladies decided on a new exotic plastics. The Philippines is becoming a popular “angel” whitening of the female genital organs. Earlier similar procedure was decided by men only. Now came the turn of the fairer sex.


One session is worth a thousand dollars. The service is only available in the most exclusive clinic in Manila, the clients of which are high-ranking and wealthy patients. Vagina whitening have the right to conduct only plastic surgeons with the appropriate license. The session lasts no more than an hour, and when bleaching is used only laser technology. The vagina not only lightened a few shades, but becomes even more resilient.

This is not the only service that can provide bluestatedigital effectiveness of your sexual organ. Also a vagina can be “tightened” so that its owner could once again feel like a virgin. Earlier, local resident only bleached my armpits. Most Asian women do not feel confident because of the color of their skin and dream of white, which is inherent in Europeans. Therefore, cosmetics are only one that lightens the skin.