In Australia, thousands of bats have died because of the heat : In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

Due to record high temperatures in Australia killed thousands of endangered bats. The Siberian flying foxes literally “cooked” in the air. Environmentalists in the region are sounding the alarm.


Kate Ryan, an ecologist from Campbelltown, Australia, said that in the Central and southern parts of the continent for several days, the temperature exceeds +40. In this heat the brain bats literally “boil”. Animals can no longer navigate in space and die. The lack of shade and water in this area further exacerbates the problem. In the vicinity of the Campbelltown scientists have found over a thousand dead animals, a couple of hundred were killed before the eyes of environmentalists and local residents, when they tried to help animals.

Kate Ryan noted that soon the temperature will drop, but still hundreds of members of the species sereghyova flying foxes will have time to die. The ecologist is sure that this heat can put the species under threat of extinction.